Is your organization looking for someone with a lot of Go know-how?

Then you're in the right place.

I'm an experienced backend developer who has worked for a diverse set of clients, ranging from small startups to the biggest ecommerce companies in Europe.

Depending on your needs I can help you in several ways.

Support teams new to Go

When teams that are new to Go are tasked with building Go applications, they often structure and design their code using patterns and practices that they know from other languages or frameworks.

These patterns and practices don't always align with the way things are done in Go and can result in codebases that are hard to understand, maintain and extend.

I can help you prevent situations like this by providing your team(s) with guidance, educational resources and code reviews.

Evaluate technical plans

Maybe you're planning to migrate an existing PHP or Java codebase to Go, or you're planning to build an entirely new application from scratch.

In my experience it's the "unknown unknowns" that lead to delays or even failure. Not just things that aren't on the radar, but things for which the radar wasn't even calibrated.

I can help you evaluate your plans based on my experience with Go and help turn some of those "unknown unknowns" into "known knowns".

Evaluate existing applications

Is development speed grinding to a halt, or is your Go application not performing as well as you expected?

It happens. There are no silver bullets, and Go is just another tool that must be wielded effectively.

I can help you evaluate:

  • The architectural design of your system
  • Code quality
  • Testing strategies
  • Web application security
  • Application performance
  • Specific issues or bugs

Software development

I am available to implement the solutions I advise, or to augment your team if you're short on developers.

In addition, I can help you deploy and maintain these solutions.

I'm most familiar with the tech around web development:

  • Languages: Go/Golang, Javascript, PHP and HTML/CSS.
  • Other: Kubernetes and Linux.
  • Databases: Postgresql and Mysql
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Let's talk.

I'm available for up to 16 hours per week as of June 2024.

You can reach me at