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    How to parse a time or date in Go

    Frustrated by time.Parse? You're not alone. This article will get you unstuck and moving again.

    Thu 23 Nov, 2023
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    Anonymous structs in Go: What, How and When

    This article explains anonymous structs for people who are unfamiliar with them.

    Thu 16 Nov, 2023
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    Should you store *that value* in a Go context?

    Not every value should be stored in a Go context, this article examines why.

    Sun 12 Nov, 2023
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    Add value to a context in a type safe way

    Don't litter your code base with keys and/or type assertions. Add and get values from contexts in a type safe way.

    Sun 12 Nov, 2023
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    Dealing with large structs in tests

    Are your tests growing out of control? This article explains how to deal with large structs in tests.

    Thu 7 Sep, 2023
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    Build your own slice: Make, Literals and Re-slicing

    So far we have only created slices by slicing arrays, but there are more convenient ways to create new slices. In this article we will look at make, literals and re-slicing.

    Wed 30 Aug, 2023
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    Should you use slices of pointers to structs?

    What is the difference between a slice of pointers and a slice of values? And when should you use one or the other? This article explains.

    Sun 20 Aug, 2023
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    Should you use pointers to slices in Go?

    What is the point of using pointers to slices? This article discusses when it's a good idea to use pointers to slices.

    Thu 3 Aug, 2023
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