Privacy policy

You might have noticed there was no cookie banner when visiting this website, that’s because this website does not use any cookies!

Your privacy is very important to me, so I’m minimizing the data I collect.


I’m using plausible to get some insights into website useage. It’s a privacy friendly web analytics company located in the EU. They don’t collect any personally identifiable data.


This website is hosted on Netlify, they keep access logs for 30 days for security and performance reasons. These access logs include your IP address.


You’re free to subscribe to my newsletter to receive:

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I send my newsletters via Convertkit, so they will have access to your emailaddress.

Subscribing works via a so-called “double opt-in” process:

  1. You first fill in your email on a form on this website (for example this one at the bottom of the homepage).
  2. Convertkit sends you a confirmation email with a special activation link.
  3. You click this link to confirm your subscription.

All newsletter emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom, you can use this link to unsubscribe at any time.

You own your data

If you want to know more about your data or put in a request to remove/modify it. Please contact me at

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