Hi! I'm Willem, a freelance developer.

I can help you build efficient and maintainable Go web applications.

My main skills: Go, Web development, Kubernetes, Postgresql and Linux.



  1. willem.dev (contracting/private projects)

    2020 - now

    • 2023: Private project, educating beginning developers at willem.dev.
    • 2022-2023: Contracting at Lynq.tech. (Go/Kubernetes/Postgresql).
    • 2022: Private project, illustratie.nl, portfolio platform for Dutch illustrators (Go/Postgresql/Svelte).
    • 2022: Private project, boardgame-like browser games (Go/Postgresql/Svelte)
    • 2021-2022: Contracting at Zalando SE. (Go/Kubernetes/Postgresql).
    • 2020: Private project, privacy friendly web analytics (Go/Kubernetes).
  2. Applike (fulltime)

    2020 - 2020

    • Worked in an agile multidisciplinary team as a backend developer.
    • Developed several high impact features (Go/Mysql/AWS).
    • Worked together with QA to make sure said features worked as intended.
    • Deployed features using CI/CD.
    • Initiated and succesfully completed a major refactoring of a business critical system.
  3. Snoerboer B.V. (parttime)

    2015 - 2017

    • Worked on several webshops, launching 3 new ones (PHP/Magento/Mysql).
    • Part of a small development team that worked together tightly with the marketing team.
    • Managed Linux (Debian) servers running the webshops.
    • Developed a custom Magento extension enabling the backoffice software to handle multiple currencies.
    • Improved the checkout process in cooperation with a UX specialist.
    • Supported the marketing team by writing data export scripts.
  4. Schotsco (freelance)

    2012 - 2020

    • Developed websites, webshops and webapps for small and medium businesses (Go/Javascript/PHP/Laravel).
    • Created system designs based on client goals and feedback.
    • Notable clients include: snoerboer.nl, acutecolor.com and reppel.nl.
    • Picked the most suitable tech for projects based on budget/goals and maintenance requirements.
    • Maintain the systems after launch.
    • Did a little visual design as well.
  5. Willem Schots Webdesign (freelance)

    2010 - 2012

    • Developed small static websites for local businesses.
    • Created visual designs based on client requirements.
    • Implemented those designs (HTML/CSS/Javascript, a little PHP).

Want to work together?

Send me a message at w@willem.dev to get in touch.